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Stay Educated

Education about sudden cardiac arrest is as important to Heroes Foundation NJ as providing life saving equipment.  Please keep yourself educated and knowledgeable of the symptoms and affects of SCA.  The resources below are ones that we have used and will continue to seek out for the facts of this disease.

Parent Heart Watch

The Heroes Foundation NJ is a proud member of Parent Heart Watch (PHW).  Parent Heart Watch is a national organization comprised of parents and other supporters who have a personal connection or experience with sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) or sudden cardiac death (SCD).  Together Parent Heart Watch members act as a national voice in advocating for SCA awareness and its prevention. 

         Through the collaborative efforts of Parent Heart Watch and its supporters nationwide, emphasis has been placed on the continued research and collection of data as it applies to youth lost to (SCA).  Through this research and its findings, (SCA) preventative and prescreening practices have made and will continue to make great advances.  

          The Parent Heart Watch organization runs over 100 programs in 39 states.  These programs focus on the early detection and prevention of SCA, as well as sudden cardiac arrest pre-planning preparedness measures.

     The vision of Parent Heart Watch is to eliminate deaths and disabilities from SCA in youth by 2030.  The Heroes Foundation NJ is a proud member of Parent Heart Watch, and we strongly encourage your support of this organization as we work together, both locally and nationally toward achieving this goal.    

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